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- Some of you are gonna be up in arms about this one. I can already hear it. The legacy growers and sellers, the backbones of the cannabis industry for so long, who feel you need to stand as defenders for any attack on "the way things were."  So I'll say straight off the bat - it's not you. It's prohibition.  Of course we developed rubbish nomenclature for different types of cannabis while it was illegal (or more illegal than it is today), and underground. What choice did we have? How ... [Read More]

Cannabis Hemp Britain Hellip Years Plant
- Written By Dave Barton Dave Barton, co-founder and creative director of thermidor< – a cannabis-focused, content-led creative agency – unpicks the UK's fractured relationship with all things Mary Jane in this first of a two-part series. Much like Britain and its Royal Family, here and now in 2023 the UK and cannabis have a complicated relationship. But it wasn't always this way. Once upon a time – some half a millennium ago – cannabis, in the form of hemp, was one ... [Read More]

Cannabis Place Awards Brands Farmers Cup
- Just over 19 years ago, nestled up on a hill in the redwood trees, the (then underground) cannabis community of Northern California came together to create a friendly competition around cannabis cultivation.  Hosted at Area 101, a small campground and gathering spot in Laytonville, Mendocino, a group of friends – consisting of passionate cannabis farmers, (now) legacy growers, and stoners – would party together through the night to honor the start of another cultivation ... [Read More]

Doctor Opiates Pain Baby Surgery Nurse
- My First Cesarean On September 15, 1995, I arrived at Prince George's Hospital Center nervous and worried as hell for my 6:30 am scheduled induction.  My last OB/GYN appointment brought on concerns that I was developing pre-eclampsia , a serious condition marked by high blood pressure and other symptoms after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Due to this, my doctor thought it was best to have a scheduled induction on my actual due date.  At this point, I was 18 years old with no parents or ... [Read More]

Cannabis Budtenders Budtender Product Products Day
- Written By Kristine Freeman It's a bright, clear day, the kind where you're called to be outside in nature feeling the warm embrace of the sun. You pull up to an impressive storefront decorated with ribboned panels of wood and live succulents in hues of green and purple. The glint of gold and glass though the window along with the leafy smell in the air is a hint of what's to come. You cautiously take a step into an open lobby; to your right is a desk and to your left a flowing fountain. In ... [Read More]

Anne Mari Mike Cancer Mr Robinson Oncologist Time
- In a blurry haze, Mike slowly came back. Even though his life seemed to have paused, his strong will could not. "I worked my way out of the hospital bed into a recliner that sat next to it." The fog from the anesthesia was so heavy that when the nurse spoke to him, it was just a voice in the breeze. "I had been injected with what I didn't want, but there was a true need. I was comfortably numb with the drugs they had supplied and Cannabis Oil." The surgical oncologist came in right as Mike was ... [Read More]

Cannabis Meditation Consciousness Time Practice Practices
- Meditation and Cannabis are two tools for accessing non-ordinary states of consciousness, and when intentionally combined, deliver game-changing results. Background Cannabis and I have been an item for a very long time, yet it was only a few years ago, when I began combining her loving glow with the introspection and consciousness expansion of meditation. I kind of stumbled into meditation , with cannabis as my lovely wing, and began with just trying different things - different breathing ... [Read More]

Time School Year Day Stunt Russian Guard'
- Written By Alex Montalban My first encounter with 'marihuana' was at the very ripe age of 13, growing up in Los Angeles, CA; or, ' The Valley ' (for all you other CLUELESS fans like me out there).  Yep - believe it or not, my first 'toke' occurred approximately 3 miles from where CLAIRE was mugged under that infamous, hugely-fluorescent clown that still overlooks the Circus Liquor on Vineland Blvd. in North Hollywood.  My best friend at the time (we'll call him "Luke") held a glass, ... [Read More]

Training Cannabis Knowledge Sales Store Budtenders
- My career started in marketing, and I budtended as a second job because I really wanted to be part of the cannabis industry. I had gained a ton of knowledge on my own as a casual cannabis user and social media warrior. I followed cannabis accounts and soaked up their content. I watched videos on Youtube. I took myself to free classes and seminars to learn more. I asked questions to the growers and vendors who passed through my store. I also talked to my peers and we educated each other. Do you ... [Read More]

Sol Spirit Farms Cannabis Sol Spirit Farm Judi Walter Farm
- I've been hearing a lot lately about Sol Spirit Farms, and I was wondering what all the talk was about. When I had the chance to review their cannabis, I decided I had to meet the people behind the weed. This review begins with a story, set in idyllic Trinity County, California, in a little town called Willow Creek.  Judi grew up in Chicago, Walter, in LA. The cannabis scene was much different then, and legalization had not happened yet. Judi attended college and graduated with a degree in ... [Read More]